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Dear Customers
The worldwide outbreak of COVID-19 or Coronavirus has us all concerned about transmission and naturally, the safety of the food prepared for us.

At Pizza Perfect we make use of medical grade hand and surface sanitisers and soaps. Our teams frequently sanitise their hands and we also sanitise all our work surfaces and utensils between use.

The advice from medical experts is that frequently sanitising hands and surfaces is the most effective method of preventing the spread of germs and viruses.

We ensure our stores are cleaned with sanitiser every day. Food preparation surfaces and equipment are sanitised before, during and after trading hours.

As a further precaution we are ensuring that any employee presenting Flu-like symptoms will be sent home immediately and only once tested negative will they be allowed back to work.

Delivering authentic, perfect tasting pizzas to you is our passion, however you and your family’s health is a priority for us and we will adhere strictly to our cleaning and sanitising policies.

Perfect Regards
Pizza Perfect


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